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Uncommon Ground - Stained Grains
Uncommon Ground - Stained Grains

ICONS: Hero Pack 3 $5.00
Verlag: Ad Infinitum Adventures
von Christopher T. [Verifizierter Käufer] Hinzugefügt am: 03/19/2012 13:53:53
A great selection of characters. While there are no stats for the Galactus-like dude on the cover that I could see, that doesn't detract from the usefulness at all. I thought all the characters had great write-ups - just enough to give a good feel for how to play, without so much detail that we can't make them our own.

I have to give props to Dan Houser here on the art - he said he was going for Kirby, and he did it. The art is recognizable as the ICONS style, but the Kirby "inspiration" comes through loud and clear, in the character costume design, the features (particularly the faces, Dan got the Kirby face perfectly) and the various character poses. Great work!

[5 von 5 Sternen!]
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ICONS: Hero Pack 3
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Ad Infinitum Adventures
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