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Expert Feats $1.99
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Andrew J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/20/2015 18:00:43

I don't think that this was really worth it's price. The document is 4 pages, the last of which is the OGL page, so nothing useful there. It contains exactly 5 feats, all of which are intended for NPCs, but which can be applied to PCs if they are endeavoring to become craftsmen of some renown. It can be useful if your group of PCs has that special NPC or two whom they consult with and ask for special orders from, but in my opinion, these feats would be a better value if they were rolled into a larger product that covered a wider range of NPC feats... or perhaps as part of a Marketplace Guide that covered a range of NPCs that one might encounter in a town or city marketplace and all of their associated feats. In short, $1.99 is a lot to pay for 5 feats with a limited use.

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