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Modern Dispatch (#37): Weapons of the Third Reich $1.99
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Charles C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2008 17:33:59

great good super and duper. nicely had some uncommon tanks. but no STG 44 i am shocked and surprized considering the germans tryed so hard to massproduce a million of them.

just some added notes to some info the 32 round drum for the luger was intend for the artillery modle which was full auto, and it is not easy to shoot. and a side note even thou it is not really important but it was the K98K that was the more common modle the G98K was a carbine version of a already carbined rifle (G98K was 2-3 inches shorter) and the mg34 and the P08 has umm dirt problems, they jam easy when dirty from droping them, or dust blowing in the wind.

i say perfict side not panthlet for quick hints, aids, or ideas. or just incase you refuse to fumble in a 100 page book.

likes: just about everything

Dislike: no STG 44 or MG 42 (amazed considering you mention it replaceing the mg34)

overall still a 5/5 must buy

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