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One Million Magic Items $3.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Russell M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/08/2007 09:27:55

How do you squeeze a MILLION magic items into 15 pages? That seems to be a bit of a magic trick itself. This collection of random roll charts is pretty clearcut and easy to use. Really captures the feel of the epic magic weapon quest. But GMs be forwarded, DON'T use this for random treasure. Some of the combinations can quickly destroy any game balance in your game. On the first roll, I ended up with an Awesome Greataxe of Slaughter, which grants both a +5 bonus to AC AND a +5 bonus to damage. Not something you want falling into the hands of a 4th level player!

Another problem is that there is no pricing. Which I guess is fine since you don't expect your players to be making these things. But a bit of a problem if trying to figure out their resale value. For many of the abilities, you could figure it out if you try to match the abilities to the DMG, but that is an aweful lot of work.

A nice touch--you can make cursed items with this as well. You could end up with a protective amulet of tears. Which functions as BOTH a magic circle against evil and a minor globe of invulnerability. Which is a good thing...since you take double damage from all attacks!

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One Million Magic Items
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