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Venture 4th: Monster Maker
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Venture 4th: Monster Maker

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Make a Monster!

The monster design guidelines in the core rulebooks state openly that they’re only an approximation -- Gamers have described those rules as ‘rough’ at best and ‘crudely unbalanced’ at worst. The golden design standard of ‘N + Level’ creates inconsistent monster statistics, and in addition, the original designers themselves ignored their own guidelines most of the time, as many monster statistics presented in the core books seem arbitrarily assigned.

Monster Maker is a design kit for creating monsters in 4E. Instead of creating inconsistent and unbalanced encounters where players are repeatedly missing and getting pounded upon by foes who consistently hit and dodge incoming attacks, these optional rules are for Game Masters who want more exciting and faster-paced monsters for their players to fight.
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March 19th, 2009
A good reasonably priced guide for creating your own monsters. The guide lines are easy to follow and the included examples makes the gm's life a little easier. [...]
February 12th, 2009
Adamant bills this product as correcting two specific flaws in the monster creation guidelines given in the "DM's Toolbox" section of the 4e DMG: (1) DMG-bred monsters are overpowered at high levels, and (2) Monster Manual monsters don't foll [...]
December 7th, 2008
Well I have to say I guess I cannot complain too much for the price. But that's about all I can say. I was expecting a bit more than some vague guidelines and a few flimsy charts. I was looking for something with a bit more crunch to it. I think this [...]
November 17th, 2008
This product was really cheap, so I don't feel ripped off. However, this product fails at it's stated task. It makes monsters that are just as uniform as the method in the Monster Manual. I tried to use their formula to create an Epic level solo monste [...]
November 5th, 2008
This is a commercial version of Tequila Sunrise's manual, adding a good-looking layout and two more complete examples - very reasonable value added for $2. In turn this collects and cleans up the DMG monster building guidelines, suggests some changes [...]
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