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The Imperial Age: London
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The Imperial Age: London


Adamant Entertainment is proud to present a setting book for The Imperial Age, our line of Victorian/Steampunk products, made for use with d20 Modern or Past.

London is the greatest city of the Imperial Age. While much of the steel and production industries of England resided in Birmingham, the coal that drove the colonial enterprises was extracted in Wales, and shipping was increasingly centered in Southampton and Liverpool, London was the seat of power for the largest empire in the world. Millions walked its teeming streets, and the city has been the setting for diverse Victorian themes and genres, from detective fiction to steampunk.

The Imperial Age: London is a complete guide to using the city as a setting for your Victorian-era campaigns, no matter what the genre. Included are detailed descriptions of every district, informative sidebars on such diverse topics as money, precedence, Freemasons, workhouses, the Metropolitan Police Force and more, and suggestions on running adventures and campaigns in the greatest city of the age.

Included within the pages of this supplement is a genuine Imperial Age document -- the 1899 edition of Bartholomew's Pocket Atlas & Guide to London, featuring detailed street-level maps of every corner of the city, as well as a reference index to streets and places of interest.

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Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
April 10th, 2012
A history and overview of the greatest city of the British Empire. What I liked were the inclusion of the real maps from the time, but improved over how they were presented in the India book. There is even a brief description of some of the neig [...]
August 6th, 2009
This has an enormous amount of information useful to GMs and players. Maps, occupations with salaries, descriptions of the areas and major facilities, the currency, proper ettiquette for what you call the nobility, servants, etc. A veritable plethora [...]
January 8th, 2009
I like Imperial Age London. While you could go on-line and find all of this information on your own, this product removes that tedious work and combines it all in one neat product. The layout is simple and lacks much in the way of frills. The a [...]
August 17th, 2008
Waste of money, halve the material is a 1899 map and street register of London and then a rundown of all the bouroughs. Nothing one couldn't find online. [...]
December 28th, 2007
The Imperial Age: London is one of the best little supplements I have seen out there in a time. At least to my taste. Built around a historical Victorian London guide, which adds to the feeling of credibility it then expands. In ends up detailing too [...]
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