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The ultimate pulp villains have come to Modern D20!

Perhaps no other group makes as perfect a villain for pulp RPG campaigns as the Nazis. They are the embodiment of evil, and suited for any adventure, whether it is a straightforward tale of espionage or a far-fetched story of occult powers and super-science.

This 30-page PDF is the complete guide to using the Third Reich in your pulp-genre D20 games. It includes:

  • The Rise of the Nazis: A historical overview of the creation of the Third Reich.
  • Nazi Weapons and Vehicles: The weapons and equipment of the Third Reich, in Modern D20 statistics.
  • Nazi Archetypes: Completely-statted NPCs representing the most common Nazi villains of the pulps, including soldiers, officers, Mad Scientists, and the dreaded Nazi Temptress!
  • Nazi Plot Ideas: A thorough discussion of adventure ideas using the Third Reich as villains, ranging from the realistic to the fantastic.

Pulp Villains: NAZIS is suitable for use with THRILLING TALES or any other Modern/Past D20 game.

An Important Point: This supplement is in no way an effort to downplay the very real evil presented by the Nazi ideology, nor does it intend disrespect to the memory of the millions killed by the Nazi regime. It is simply an examination of two-dimensional villains as portrayed in the pulp genre. Real-life Nazis are a serious subject. Pulp Nazis are scene-chewing Evil Villains. This supplement deals with the latter.

This product was released for the original d20 version of this Line.
It is not compatible or required for the current SAVAGE WORLDS version.
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Critiques (9)
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August 1st, 2010
This is a good, basic, description of the Nazi menace in pulp adventure. As many others have pointed out here, it's hardly and exhaustive discussion, and much of the information included should simply serve to drive the conscientious GM onto the web to [...]
May 23rd, 2009
While basic in terms of historical information, it's holds its own as useful and game-specific tidbits to spice up your pulp campaigns. It does well to point out that the "nazis being typical pulp villians" is a modern misconception, f [...]
May 12th, 2008
Very good work! Historically accurate, but leaving enough room for some fun pulp fantasy as well. The section on the U-boats and tanks was awesome, and can easily represent other countries tanks and subs! And what RPG geek wouldn't want to fall into th [...]
May 12th, 2008
Its Pulp Nazis, the kind Indy punishes for being on the wrong side in the wrong place at the wrong time. Loathe them, hate them, then punch em the face. A good simple tome to get some understanding of a classic pulp villian. [...]
June 11th, 2006
This describes Nazi thugs and plotters from Hitler's rise to power to the "close of the pulp era", that is, the outbreak of WWII. Thus, these are Indiana Jones' Nazis, not the opponents of wartime. The document contains a history of the Nazi [...]
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