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Freeport (Pathfinder & 3.5 d20) [BUNDLE]

Freeport (Pathfinder & 3.5 d20) [BUNDLE]

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This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Blood of Freeport
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Adamant Entertainment is proud to present the latest in our new series of officially-licensed adventures set in Freeport: the City of Adventure! Blood of Freeport embroils the player-characters in a generations-old blood feud between two powerful merchant families -- the Lotharias and the Ischerns -- whose near-open warfare threatens to tear Freeport apart! Freeport is a large and dynamic city. As such, Blood of Freeport is an encounter-based adventure, able to be run as a stand-alone tale, or spread out throughout a longer campaign. Will the PCs take sides with one of the families, try to stop the violence altogether, or work to profit from the rivalry? Blood of Freeport uses the 3.5 edition rules, and is intended for a party of 6th to 8th level characters....

Gangs of Freeport
Regular price: $3.98
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Adamant Entertainment is proud to present the first in our new series of officially-licensed adventures set in Freeport: the City of Adventure! For a time, the thieves of Freeport were a scourge the likes of which the worst pirates could only envy. They were dangerous. They were organized. They were smart. For years, a powerful thieves guild thrived in the city of adventure, growing ever richer as the honest citizens --- well, honester citizens --- suffered. It was a century gone by that the Sea Lord Marquetta engaged the guild in the so-called Back Alley War, breaking their back and scattering them to the four winds... or the gibbet. The gangs that plague Freeport today are a pale shadow of the guild that was. Men and women of great vision and limited morality hav...

Peril in Freeport (Pathfinder)
Regular price: $5.00
Bundle price:

Aquatic Terror in the City of Adventure! Something evil lurks in the waters off Freeport! A tidal wave and the ravings of a shipwrecked halfling lead your heroes to discover a conspiracy to sink ships headed in and out of Freeport, a black market in stolen cargo, a slaver’s hideout, a Great Hunt called by the Captain’s Council, and a final showdown against a horrific plan to release an abyss-spawned sea monster from its centuries-old prison! Peril In Freeport is a Pathfinder adventure for a party of 6th to 8th-level characters, set in one of the most beloved fantasy cities in gaming: Green Ronin’s Freeport, City of Adventure!


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