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Blood Legacy of Mars
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Blood Legacy of Mars


Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present Blood Legacy of Mars, an adventure for our Savage Worlds setting of swords and science beneath the moons of Mars!

The Guard Captain Rodel looked over the balcony at the red banners waving in the plaza below. They were being held aloft by rabble; a disaffected and disloyal mob tearing up paving stones and lobbing them at the palace windows. They were armed only with farm implements and tradesman’s tools – but their numbers were growing…

In the royal family’s quarters, a nursemaid held a squalling infant to her breast, trying to soothe it. Fearfully, she watched out the window as the mob tore down the gates and forced their way into the palace. “It will be all right, little one. Your father will make sure of that…” she murmured, shuddering to think what the King would do to the mob’s leaders once they were captured. Then she heard the sounds of fi ghting, coming closer. Luria swaddled the infant in her gray spiderweave cloak, and fled.

As the palace gates cracked and fell, Rodel led two of the Royal Guard down the marble-pillared hall toward the Throne Room. His Majesty must be protected! The crack of radium rifl es sounded as he turned the corner, and both his companions were cut down by sizzling bolts! Rodel dived forward, naked blade in his hand – then his mouth dropped open in shock! The Royal Guards at the Throne Room door had fired on their brethren – and now their rifles were leveled at him!

“Turn and go, Captain. Your duty to the tyrant is discharged -- his blood is already drying on the throne.” The trembling Guardsman looked over his gunsights into Rodel’s eyes, and saw the resolve there. “The Citizen’s Council has issued a warrant for your head as well as his – but you trained me. Don’t die trying to avenge a man who wasn’t fit to lace your sandals.”

Rodel cursed the faithless soldier, but turn he did – toward the royal apartments. The King may be slain, but his blood was not all spilled... and perhaps the heir could be smuggled out of the palace and into the city....

When an impoverished noble discovers a royal birthmark on a wastrel poet and playwright, he immediately knows what it means:  It means that he has a way back into Baltan high society, coat-tailing on the mysterious Prince's fame as deposed Royalty!  

Unfortunately for this patron of the arts, there are political forces who would see his protégé dead -- and other political forces who would use him as a figurehead for a Royalist Counter-revolution!

Enter the player-characters, as friends or associates of the poet or his patron, caught in a web of intrigue, assassination, and violence:  the dangers of the Blood Legacy of Mars!


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Keith (. T. A. [Featured Reviewer]
April 7th, 2012
Blood Legacy of MARS is an adventure in Adamant's MARS setting Savage Worlds. I recommend this adventure for those planning to settle into a MARS campaign. It reads more like a Shakespearean play and isn't your normal "jump in and hack" adven [...]
Billiam B. [Featured Reviewer]
March 10th, 2012
In Blood Legacy of Mars the background reads like a Roman/Borgias/Hamlet paranoid love, daggers and intrigue story. This is a very plot dense adventure. The "relationship diagram" towards the back of the adventure is truly a masterpiece of in [...]
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